• The latest educational news in Nigeria

    The latest educational news in Nigeria, the united nation states embassy offers 70 Nigeria students with partial to full scholarship worth $4.6m and the American university of Nigeria (AUN) has increased new students scholarship slots to 67. The AUN increased slots have been accepted for the academic year 2016/2017 in its scholarship examination held Saturday, July 30, 2016.

    130 student for scholarships in Nigeria

    The 70 Nigeria student have the opportunity to study in various universities in the United States this year. According to deputy chief of mission, Maria E Brewer, the 70 students are among 130 Nigeria who gained admission into the various institution in that country.

    This was announced in Abuja at the annual pre-departure orientation organized for Nigeria who will be pursuing higher education in the U.S. the total number of Nigeria currently in the United States pursuing higher education student at 9,500 at over 730 colleges and universities in the country.

    International education’s open door report

    Regarding the figures quoted in the international education’s open door report, Nigeria has benefited with a remarkable increase in the number of students enrolled for scholarship in the US for higher education.

    Scholarships in Nigeria has increased by 20% from the previous school year, hence the increase of those enrolled I the U.S. for high learning.

    The envoy has single-handedly increased Africa overall student’s population of 8%.

    Why Nigeria? 

    Currently, Nigeria is the top African source country for united state scholarship and 15th nation in the world with students living and studying in the US.  It’s high time the students take full advantage of the scholarships in Nigeria of the orientation to prepare themselves for challenges ahead.

    During the orientation, the students were asked to be good ambassadors of Nigeria and take their obligation seriously for being good citizens and scholars.

    What of American University of Nigeria (AUN)?

    The academic year 2016-2017 will see 67 students enjoy scholarships in Nigeria. 36 of this scholarship will be awarded to candidates with a high score in regard to the 2015 joint admission and matriculation examination in all 36 states. One scholarship slot is set for the candidates with the highest score on JAMB UTME nationally.

    Have you checked your jamb admission status?

    There 30 scholarships to be awarded to five students from each of the six geo-political regions in the country governed by university’s regional scholarships programme.

    Those to benefit in any JAMB-based scholarship are to be selected based on the result of the 2015 UTME. As usual the regional scholarship is to be awarded based on the performance on the 2015   National Scholarship Examinations.

    Newly accepted students into the university intended for the Fall 2016 semester are invited to take regional scholarships examination.  Those student who intend to transfer from local o friend universities and those in direct entry students are not allowed to sit for the scholarship examination.

    Scholarships in Nigeria examination are set to be written in Port Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja, Kaduna and Yola. The student eligible is supposed to bring their acceptance letter into AUN, any or internationals passport, national identity card, or voter’ registration card, that contain their photographs.

    For those who will be joining universities and college in the United States, success in your studies and be good ambassadors of scholarships in Nigeria to return and solve the challenges facing the country.  Those newly looking for inductions into AUN should finish a confirmation application structure at the venue of the examination before being permitted into the testing corridor for the examination, which no expense is appended.

    Find out more informations in our post here: http://www.electronicscholar.com/search-for-scholarships-in-nigeria-using-google/

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  • Search for scholarships in Nigeria using google


    Do you think hunting the latest educational news in Nigeria is essentially simple? You better reconsider the fact. Acquiring the right grants and concedes oblige you to look the web astutely. This is proficient by seeing how this specific web crawler Google, functions. Google is the world’s most imperative web crawler and they have what it takes to warrant that claim. Along these lines, doing your grants and allows look making utilization of Google pursuit administration is in actuality the proper thing to do.

    Google web search tool is to a great degree brilliant furthermore a savvy program for latest educational news in Nigeria. All things considered, that is the enchantment of Google. What you go into the inquiry box is termed as a watchword.

    Significant number of websites

    Google has a large number of pages significant to your catchphrase or watchword phrase. At whatever point you scan for this watchword or a catchphrase expression, Google’s inquiry robot will need to seek the Google databases to see the pages that contain that specific watchword or catchphrase phrase regarding scholarships in Nigeria. These pages are what you see as the outcome subsequent to tapping on the pursuit catch. This is the place most understudies never take care of business. These post UTME pages may exclude or furnish you with the data and realities or answer they might be hunting down.

    The global grants

    Give us a chance to assume what to look for global grants regarding post UTMEand allows for college understudies in Nigeria and likely, our favored nation of study is the UK. Should you enter this specific watchword phrase into the Google seek box like this, grants and allows for college understudies in Nigeria, you are going to get an expansive number of website pages that contains maybe a couple catchphrases from the catchphrase expression. This might absolutely not give you your required consequences of data. See more here.

    Utilization of expression

    Let despite everything us make utilization of our past catchphrase expression to see whether there is prone to be any adjustment in the item. These are by and large the right inquiries you ought to be inquiring as to whether you are genuinely fulfilled by the indexed lists. If you think you are fulfilled by the query output, you might then continue to visit the site page for getting information about scholarships in Nigeria.

    Satisfaction with the output

    If you are not really satisfied with the output, you could adjust the arrangement of your watchword expression to look at if there will be any change. You can now and then incorporate the year for the grants and concedes in your pursuit if you like. This is an extra approach to contract down your pursuit to your craved results.

    You might contract down the hunt a bit as far as date of distribution. Scholarships in Nigeria is the best spot where you get the most recent data on colleges in Nigeria, grant in Nigeria, pillar, college affirmation, grants and allows, free digital book download and Latest Education News.


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  • Online Associate Degree in Medical Assistant

    Medical Assistants play a vital role in the administration of medical facilities like hospitals and healthcare centers worldwide.Technology has become an inseparable part of the medical field. It is hugely employed to treat the patients in an effective manner. But itsdrawback is that it changes very rapidly, and it becomes quiet impossible for the doctors to be aware of the latest technology every time. The role of a medical assistant now comes into the scene.

    They help the doctors by making them understand the latest innovations in the medical field. Not just this, they perform some other clinical and clerical activities. You can also visit this link:http://www.ngscholars.net/ if you need to know more. This career option can act as an alternative for the job of adoctor since it is not possible for every one to become a doctor. An Associate in Medical Assistant degree will enable the students to fetch themselves an entry level job in the health care industry.

    Associate in Medical Assistant

    An Associate in Medical Associate degree will teach the students a variety of skills. The important part here is that these skills can be applied to a variety of fields. The students are taught to work with the cutting edge technology as well as with the patients. Though to work as a medical assistant, you require no professional training, but it is suggested that you go for a professional training since it provides stability and security to your future. Also, it will increase your chances of getting employed at a better place.

    Online Associate Degree in Medical Assistant

    Online Associate in Medical Assistant

    Getting an online degree is a great option for people who resume their studies after a period or for those who earn and learn at the same time. People find it very easy to apply for Associate in Medical Associate degree online since the course material is readily available anytime the student wishes to study. Also, the students can study at their own convenience after getting free from the routine work or after the office hours which is not possible in traditional study mechanism. The course material is generally delivered through mails. You can also visit our top article here for more information. Also, the students are asked to be touch with the other students enrolled in the course through the means of discussion forums and communities available in institutional websites.

    With the help of online Associate in Medical Assistant degree, the students will get to learn a variety of skills such as supplementary medical tasks, medication administration, charting, urinalysis, bookkeeping, X-Ray placement, etc.

    Coursework of Associate in Medical Assistant

    Under the coursework of Associate in Medical Assistant, the students will be taught subjects like Medical principles, Critical-thinking skills, Decision-making skills, Transcription skills, Laboratory Skills, Business Skills, Office Skills, Sterilizing technical skills, Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, Exam room procedural skills, Organizational skills, Computer skills, etc.

    Job Prospects

    The future of the students is really bright after the completion f the degree course. Medical assistance is one of the fastest growing professions, and it is expected to be in high demand in the coming years. In the end you don’t find what you looking for then read here. Medical assistants are in high demand in the fields like hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, medical institutes, hospices, etc. also the other office managerial capabilities are imparted to the students that help them achieve the positions of office managers after a few years of experience.

    Career Opportunities

    According to the prediction of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession of medical assistance is going to be the fastest growing profession in the coming future. It will offer a bright as well as stable future to the students.

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  • The Internet For Career Education

    With the World Wide Web becoming a part of our everyday lives, it has become a routine for us to harness its unlimited information pool for every little purpose. The use of Internet becomes all the more important if you are a job seeker or career counselor as without using this key tool, you will never be able to shape your career in the best way possible. Today, The Internet has become an indispensable part of career development and aids in identifying, evaluating and selecting the best career education programs available online.

    Features Of A Good Career Education Program

    If you are looking for information on career education on the Internet, the only problem that you are likely to face in the process in the difficulty in selecting from among myriad sources available online. You can also visit our top article here for more to read. The best way to narrow down your search is by using relevant keywords or targeted phrases that show up the results you want. In case, you are still not getting relevant searches, you can always use the help feature of various search engines to get information on the career option you arelooking for.

    The Internet For Career Education

    Thousands of pages and hundreds of websites are added to the Internet on a daily basis. Thus, it is important to identify the sites that provide reliable and offer up to date information on career education. Once you have selected a good website, bookmark the same. This will be much easier for you to access these sites on a future date to check the updates regarding job opening and your applications. There are numerous websites on the Internet that claim to offer the best services in the field of career education. However, some of the inherent features of a good career education program are given below that you can use as a framework while looking for these online.

    A good career education website will offer client-focused services that are based on the individual needs of the students and developed in accordance to their ability and aptitude. If you need good information you can also visit this website for more information. It will also seek theactive involvement of the students and cater to their specific learning style. In addition to that, it should be committed to the professional development of each with an emphasis on personal requirements.

    By using the Internet for career education, you can effectively widen the horizon of an individual and seek job avenues across the globe. Most schools that have a website send periodic newsletters to its students regarding career education. These either inform them about guest speakers from the corporate world or career expos and fairs that they are recommended to attend. If you need to read more you can also visit this url:http://www.ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/resources. While looking for career education programs online, make sure that you access a variety of curriculum resources that can open up multiple job avenues for you in the future.

    However, as already mentioned ensure that the sources you refer to offers quality and credible information. That apart, it should have distance counseling facility and use emails and newsletters to send information about the latest job openings about your skill set. Finally, it should enable electronic submission of resumes for job postings that it advertises.

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  • How Online Degrees And Diplomas Can Be Of Great Help To Housewives

    So you are pretty much bored with your life at the moment because you have got nothing to do. You might have undergone some diploma a decade ago, but that is not really helping at the moment. Well, you can always go back to studies, and you don’t have to leave home and kids at all. From the comfort of your home, you can complete a course or diploma that will help you to generate sufficient income. You must read more here for more knowledge. Whether you want to work simply to keep yourself occupied, or you are pretty serious about making some good money out of it, you can always go for online degrees and diplomas.

    You Want To Work As A Freelance Photographer

    There is no dearth of websites that provide such degrees and courses for people from difference backgrounds. In fact, for housewives, some institutions are now offering such programs. All online degrees and diploma courses are focused on creating direct employment. They are designed in such a way that all processing can take place on theweb. You may not learn how to fix a car, but you can certainly learn some other things that can help you to get a car fixed. Talking in layman language, you would be learning everything that can be communicated through words, pictures and videos.

    How Online Degrees And Diplomas Can Be Of Great Help To Housewives

    Online learning holds immense opportunities if you are into some sort of creative endeavor. Whether you are interested in journalism or you want to work as a freelance photographer, there are always people who are offering these courses for a reasonable fee. If you liked it you must visit this link https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/best-jobs-for-stay-at-home-moms/ for more reading. Most you may need to pay for is a hundred dollars. Fees are generally proportional to the kind of prospects you get after you complete the degree.

    As a housewife, you can simply start writing on topics of your interest. Whether it’s something on relationships, embroidery or literally anything else, you can always undergo a writing course and start making money as soon as possible. In the present age of Internet, if you know anything, you can use it in some way to make a living.

    Online degrees and diplomas will help you to do exactly that. If you had been regretting your decision to halt studies when you got married a few years ago, online degrees and diplomas should be nothing short of good news. Not just ordinary employment-based courses, but you can also go for higher level courses on the web. Whether you are looking to improve your career as a life coach or you need to learn something on managerial subjects, you can always find experts on the web, providing such courses.

    Studies will hardly interfere with your daily chores. You can always spare one or two hours a day to complete the studies and all other work that you can’t abandon. Possibilities of these courses are immense. You just got to reach out and grab the opportunity that is coming your way at full swing. Interne

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  • Some Types of Scholarships for Minority

    If you are living in Nigeria and you are willing to continue your education outside your country, then you should not wait because there are many opportunities for you to get scholarships in Nigeria. There are several scholarships in Nigeria for students who aim to study abroad. These scholarships in Nigeria are usually sponsored by educational institutions, individuals, government organizations and some non-government organizations. Some scholarships in Nigeria are academic based and some students require them for financial help. They are also usually purposely proposed for students planning on acquiring education in specific programmes. These scholarships in Nigeria are like grants tend to make tuition fee much more affordable for Nigerian students.

    Scholarships for minorities

    There is a broad range of scholarships in Nigeria available for minority students looking for financial help in pursuing their higher education. These scholarships in Nigeria include African American Scholarships, Scholarships for Native America, Scholarships for Spain and many more. Different ethnic students will meet the criteria for at least one of the minority scholarships in Nigeria. If you need to know more you can visit this article. Minority scholarships are not only for Nigerien residents. Students outside Nigeria may apply as well, whether they are pursuing their education at home or abroad.

    Some Types of Scholarships for Minority

    You need search for scholarships online and in news papers. Opt the one which suits you the most.

    African American scholarships

    An ordinary category for scholarships is ethnicity, along with other classifications for minorities, since they be inclined to be underrepresented in many areas of society. Colleges and universities, along with many charitable organizations, look for ways to support students in their search of higher education. However, ethnic background is not the only factor required when applying for such scholarships. Many scholarships in Nigeria may not consider on ethnicity at all. Therefore, we give confidence you to do a free scholarship search to find all the scholarships in database that you may be eligible for.

    Spanish scholarships

    Spanish scholarships are numerous, but should not be the particular attribute highlighted when searching for a particular learning. Whether it is civilization, a sport at which you shine, or a melodic instrument, strong academic are always confident. Many factors add to winning learning, and odds in charming can be increased when combining and adding more attractive elements. If you want to read more you can visit this link https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-type/minority-scholarships/african-american-scholarships/ here. That is why we give confidence students to behavior a free scholarship search to find all the scholarships in our file for which you are eligible. You need to pass post utme test and need to check latest educational news in Nigeria.

    Native Americans

    This racial group accounts for two tenths of one percent of the entire U.S. inhabitants. Just 15 percent of inhabitant American adults had a postsecondary degree as of 2008, and they were among the racial groups that conventional the least amount of backing, although still close to the other groups, from central economic aid.

    A variety of scholarship in Nigeria is offered for scholar, graduate, PhD and post doctorate programs for students of Nigeria. To get all the in sequence, you should have the design about newest instructive latest educational news in Nigeria.

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  • Some Advice about Scholarships

    When you want an advice on scholarships in Nigeria, you want some sensible or experienced person to help you in getting latest educational news in Nigeria and for your scholarships in Nigeria. Who better to give advice on scholarship forms than students who have already productively applied for scholarships? With this in your mind, here are some good advices from the students who have already successfully applied for scholarship.

    1. Apply as early as you can

    This is one of those pieces of advice you are probably tired of hearing already, but our scholarship winners do say it was vital for their success. “Schools have a good amount of funding accessible and the previously you apply, the more you will be given and the easier it will be to get a scholarship,” says a student, who received scholarship in of the good universities.

    2. Visit university websites for opportunities

    If you are aware of the fact that which universities you want to study at, then the website of the institution is a good place to start your search for scholarship. You must also visit this site for more knowledge. Usually, the university’s website will give a vast deal of resources on scholarships in Nigeria, financial help and other funding. And always look for the latest educational news in Nigeria and appear in post utme.

    Some Advice about Scholarships

    3. Searching for other scholarship providers

    Scholarship winners also emphasize the importance of looking beyond universities to find substitute scholarship providers. According to them research is the key factor. You need to talk to people and other students and search using a variety of resources, such as libraries, internet or books, for accessible funding opportunities.

    4. Pay close attention to the application topic

    Once you have recognized relevant scholarships to apply to, the next step is to make sure each scholarship application you write is well designed for the opportunity in question. Take out the time to monitor the application. Recognize all the key words, take time to appreciate them and severely stick to the inquiry when you answer.

    5. Get someone else to read your application

    As well as serving you recognize typos or other errors, constructive feedback can also help you become more aware of your own relevant strengths and achievements.

    6. Manage your time well

    Time organization is particularly critical if you’re juggling multiple learning applications. Make a notice of all the deadlines and give yourself plenty of time to work on each request, and ensuring you present all the required papers. Be tolerant, keep applying, and make sure you direct your time well so you meet all the deadlines.’

    7. Apply, apply, and apply!

    Finally, the last and most common piece of advice from learning winners is quite simply: stop hesitation, and start applying!

    Indeed, all of scholarship winners point out that they received abundance of rejection letters before meeting with achievement, proving that it’s important – and valuable – to continue applying. If you need to know more you must visit this link:http://www.fastweb.com/college-scholarships/articles/the-12-tips-on-winning-a-scholarship here. You never know which scholarship application will be the one that succeeds.

    Make sure to use an Internet scholarship search engine that has a wide database of updated scholarships and provides latest educational news in Nigeria. You should be watchful to the upcoming deadlines and latest educational news in Nigeria. There are good chances that there are scholarship providers out there looking for someone with your unique qualities. Use your unique qualities to aid finance your education.

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  • Reading culture and mass exam failures

    Failure is one thing nobody wants and nobody wants to be called a loser or failure. The performance of students in government examinations has, over the few years, been distinguished by mass failure which many people have described as shameful. This is the failure of the education or system. Educationists believe that the concept contributes to the descending trend of the country’s progress. After reading this article click back here to know more. Here we will discuss about mass exam failures.

    Performance of students

    The bad performance of students in examinations such as NECO, JAMB, NABTEB and other entrance test like post utme is becoming a frequent decima in the Nigerian country. you need to check JAMB admission status. Over the few years, the mass failure has taken a place of the matter of distress and worry to stakeholders and responsible authorities in the education systems, including the candidates themselves. Students usually prepare for the exams from the post utme past questions and then there is no proper display of admission lists. Scholarships in Nigeria are not managed well. Students look for latest educational news in Nigeria.

    Reading culture and mass exam failures

    Initiative by the government

    The Federal Ministry of Education has once called the meeting of the heads of the primary and secondary schools from the whole country to hear their excuses on the miserable performance of their students in communal examinations. It is clear that the situation has not changed in spite of a number of interferences. This is a big embarrassment for the country.

    Initiative by parents

    Many times, parents have complained the government and school authorities to discuss the poor results of their children and staff. The disturbance and pain are more when the enormous resources are concerned in the education of these young ones are taken into account. The decay in the education of the country and school system started many years ago and unluckily this has been allowed to continue. This is not acceptable. Responsible authorities should take strict steps to cater this issue.

    It is the only factor that has led to the near fall down of the public school system and encouraged the explosion of private schools across the country. Many parents have chosen for the personal schools for their children in their willpower to end the disturbance and provide a better and more protected future for the children. But are the private schools doing something better than public schools? It is arguable and an issue to be discussed for another day.

    It is often said that if a way of achieving a goal is ineffective, then another way should be opted and adopted if proven. In this education system, this has been tried and it is not yet been bad as mass failure and has continued to distinguish students’ performance in public exams.
    Last few decades have observed a great boom in number of available offers and scholarships in Nigeria students. But there are many problems in this system as well. You can also click this link http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/2013/01/08/7-tips-to-win-the-perfect-college-scholarship-for-you to know more. Post utme tests have not proper system. After passing test, you continuously need to look for the admission list. Admission list will give you the idea about your selection but admission list are not displayed properly.

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  • Exclusive Tips on Finding the Right Scholarships

    There are many opportunities for you to get scholarships in Nigeria. There are several scholarships in Nigeria for students who aim to study abroad. These scholarships in Nigeria are usually sponsored by education institutions such as colleges and universities, individuals, government organizations and some non-government organizations. Some scholarships in Nigeria are academic based and some students require them for financial help. They are also usually purposely proposed for students planning on acquiring education in specific programmes. These scholarships in Nigeria are like grants tend to make tuition fee much more affordable for Nigerian students.

    Your credibility

    When trying to look for a scholarship in Nigeria, it is significant to think about the answer to the question: What makes you unique and eligible for scholarship? We all have characteristics that make us who we are and what we are capable of. Many scholarship providers are always looking for students who are interested in different programs, subjects, courses or hobbies. You can also visit this site here for more information. Always, keep an eye on latest educational news in Nigeria. Not all scholarships are given on the basis of educational achievement. Perhaps you are good sports person, or you are a good artist, or you can sing or write. Whatever your interest is, use it for your profit. You have to pass post utme test and you can consult post utme past questions.

    Exclusive Tips on Finding the Right Scholarships


    In present world, if you are keen to spend some time searching for scholarships in Nigeria that match your exclusive background and qualities, it is possible that you will find subjects matching with your personal information. The only issue is that you may need some sort of help in investigating these awards and finding scholarships that you can then in fact apply for.

    You can for all time turn to those who know you in person to help you when thinking of ways to look for a scholarship. Inquire your teachers at school, your guidance counselors, your supervisors and your financial assistance advisors for their advice in looking for a scholarship. Talk about if any of them know of any subjects that would give you advantages based on your exclusive background and abilities. Inquire them if there are any specialized, religious, or community centers out there that would be associated with your interests and programs of study, and then get in touch with those organizations to get knowledge about any scholarships or incentives that they might offer to students.

    Consulting books

    There are several books available in bookstores and libraries on scholarships, it would take a lot of time for you to go through these lists and determine which scholarship is right for you. Many parents, educators and parents go on internet to search scholarships on websites. In the end also visit this link http://www.princetonreview.com/college-advice/finding-college-scholarships for more to know. Make sure to use an Internet scholarship search engine that has a wide database of updated scholarships and provides latest educational news in Nigeria. You should be watchful to the upcoming deadlines and latest educational news in Nigeria. There are good chances that there are scholarship providers out there looking for someone with your unique qualities. Use your unique qualities to aid finance your education.

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